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Dedication. Hard work. Pain. Commitment. Sweat. Goals. Burn. Support. Health. Passion. Lifestyle. Performance. At REPS we know what it takes, and we know how to support you hitting your goals- one REP at a time.

Talk about inspiration! Check out these amazing client transformation stories below. 

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I decided that after about a year of doing nothing, I needed to make a change to get back to a healthy state and lose weight. 

REPS is the best decision I ever made! With a little over a year of Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching, I competed in IDFA Ontario & National Championships for Fitness Model and Bikini Model in divisions Novice, Open and Masters placing 1st in all divisions. I have since accomplished winning a total of 9 gold metals and 2 silvers.

At 42 years of age, I am now in the best shape of my life, have become more self-confident and have developed a love for body building that is now my lifestyle.


Inspired by seeing my beautiful daughter's transformation with REPS that lead her to compete in a bikini and fitness competition, I too decided to sign up for Personal Training and try the Bikini Prep Program.

I have lost over 50lbs and more then 20% Body Fat!

At age 65, if you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Thank you REPS for all your support, kindness and expertise. 


I needed to improve my endurance and strength. My last race, I completed in 6 hours and was sore and not in the shape that I was hoping to be in. That's why I joined REPS for a 12 month 1:1 Sports Performance Program, and am blown away with the results.

Not only did I finish my race in 4 hours, I felt fantastic the whole way through and days after, no back, knee or joint pains!! My body recovered faster and I am able to be back to work and working out that same week.

Thank you REPS for the awesome Sports Performance Program that was tailored for my needs and goals. I LOVE REPS! Life changing!


REPS Sports & Fitness isn't just your typical gym. The coaches actually get to know you and help you work towards your goals.

This has been the only gym that I have consistently attended due to the amazing coaches and friends that you make there.

It truly feels like family!


With the help of REPS, I have exceeded my overall goals! REPS put together a complex program and within just 12 weeks, REPS not only helped me massively increase my strength and improve my endurance, but helped me transform my body from a size 32 to a size 9 in pants!

This is the best shape I have ever been in! Thank you REPS for all your support, encouragement and help.


I have started on a new journey of health and wellness with REPS and am getting amazing results.

I am stronger, gained more muscle mass and am eating better. 


It all starts with your in-depth fitness consultation with one of our professional trainers.

Click below to book yours today!


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