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Transformation Tuesday: Krista

Let’s face it: losing weight and staying on track with your fitness goals can be difficult.

Life gets busy, work can be exhausting, and making time to be active and eat heathy often seems impossible. Sometimes, 24 hours in a day seems like almost nothing.

Like many of us, Krista’s life got busy and along the way she stopped making as much time for herself. However, health has always been important to Krista, and she was ready to get back to that lifestyle.

Recently, Krista decided that she was ready to make a change in her life and was ready to start working towards her fitness goals. Not only did she want to lose weight, but she also wanted to live a healthier life in general.

At the beginning, Krista was extremely nervous to beginning working out. This is common for many people. The uncertainty of working out, as well as the nerves that come along with it, can often lead people to push aside their fitness goals even longer.

She knew that it was not going to be easy, and that working towards her goals would require a lot of commitment — both to working out and eating health.

By following a personalized meal plan, by working out a few times a week, and by making use of her support system here at REPS, Krista is smashing her fitness goals more and more each week!

Krista was determined to lose weight, and it shows. Each time that she comes into the studio, she gives it her all. In fact, fitness has even become a great release for her, and she feels happier and healthier leaving each workout.

Krista says that she loves it at REPS, and because of the foundation that REPS has given her she plans on working out forever.

The REPS team is so proud of you Krista! You are a true example of what hard-work, dedication, and strength looks like.

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