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REPS' Fun Afternoon at St.Annes Catholic Elementary School

Yesterday, Katerina and Haley of the REPS team went to St.Annes Catholic Elementary School for an exciting afternoon of fitness and nutrition! Everyone involved had an incredibly fun afternoon, and the REPS team can’t wait to get even more involved with the community.

Katerina and Haley worked with the school’s grade two’s, and came to the class prepared to give the student’s an engaging lesson on eating healthy, and to put them through a fun but challenging workout.

Katerina began the afternoon with a brief presentation on the different food groups, and why we need to fuel our bodies with healthy food and drinks. By making healthy choices from a young age, these choices become healthy habits!

Next, Katerina and Haley put the kids through a miniature workout! The children worked great together, and we were so impressed with all their hard work. Many of the exercises involved team work, which challenged the children to communication and work together!

We had such an amazing time doing the activities with the kids! At the end of the lesson, the kids left feeling so excited with all their hard work. Many of the kids even expressed an interest in coming into the studio!

If you’d like us to come to your school, send us a message today!

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