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Golden Horseshoe Hockey School 2019

From August 3rd to 8th, REPS' CEO Katerina Jackson attended Bruce and Ben Boudreau's Golden Horseshoe Hockey School in St.Catherines.

The mission of Golden Horseshoe Hockey School is to develop each individual’s hockey skills while creating a fun environment for them to enjoy.

At the camp, Katerina Jackson was a Sports Performance Coach and helped to elevate each attendees game through sport specific training. Each day, the athletes had four hours of ice team, which included 90 mins of skills practice, 60 mins of power skating, and 90 mins of scrimmage (3 on 3, and 5 on 5). In addition, there was also off-ice sports performance training. Here, the athletes were put through a variety of different exercises aimed at making them faster, stronger, and more agile on the ice.

REPS was a key part of the outdoor sports performance training. As a lifelong hockey player, sports nutrition expert, and certified personal trainer, Katerina is highly at developing sports performance training programs. The exercises Katerina included in her program for the Golden Horseshoe Hockey Camp were specifically designed for hockey players. As a result, many of the activities involved exercises meant to improve stick handling and skating as well.

REPS is so honoured to have attended the camp, and to be able to much a difference in the lives of young athletes.

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