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5 Reasons to Sign Up for Youth Sports Training

For many athletes, the season has just ended. However, nobody knows better than REPS Sports & Fitness Training about the power of offseason training. Since 2016, we’ve helped hundreds of young athletes elevate their game during the off season, resulting in a better game-day performance. At REPS, we want our athletes to be committed and dedicated to getting better — but above all, we want them to have fun in the process. Here at the top 5 reasons that your child should join REPS’ upcoming Elite Sports Performance Training Program, beginning on May 21st.

1. Become Stronger, Faster and More Agile!

By incorporating dry-land training and sport-specific exercises into your child’s fitness routine, your child will improve their overall strength and conditioning. Dry-land training will improve specific on-ice hockey skills such as puck handling, and it is focused on improving overall agility, speed, strength, and power. By improving these skills, hockey players are not only elevating their on-ice performance, but also decreasing their risk of injury.

2. Meet New Friends

REPS’ programs are open to children of all athletic abilities and skill levels. Therefore, there is a wide-range of children at each of our camps—including both boys and girls. You child will be surrounded by children within a similar age-range, with similar interests! At the end of each program, we find that our participants often become friends!

3. Discount at the Golden Horseshoe Hockey School

Katerina Jackson, REPS’ CEO, will be helping to coach at NHL coach Bruce Boudreau's Golden Horseshoe Hockey School in August 2019, which will be occurring in St. Catherines! As a result, every child enrolled in any of REPS' sports performance training programs will receive a special promotional discount at the Golden Horseshoe Hockey School.

At the Golden Horseshoe Hockey School, participants will elevate their game with four hours of ice-time each day and specialized coaching. The camp runs from August 5-9 from 8:00am-5:00pm, and championship games will occur on Saturday. The camp features professional instructors and players, with special guest appearances from NHL stars.

4. Build Character and Develop Teamwork Skills

For young children, teamwork is a skill that they are going use for years to come, so it is important to learn this earlier. REPS’ Youth Sports Performance Training Programs provide children with important lessons in team dynamics. In fact, many of the exercises that we include in our program require the participants to work together!

5. Have FUN!

Like we said earlier, REPS is all about getting stronger and elevating our your child’s sports performance. However, we want our programs to be FUN! Each week, we mix-up our programs and add new exercises to ensure that your child is constantly trying new things. This also keeps it fun.

Our next program is starting soon, and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to elevate your child’s skills. Here are some details about the program:

  • Starts May 21st (Holiday Monday the 20th)

  • Program runs on Monday and Thursdays

  • Timing is 5:00 - 6:00 pm

  • Open to athletes of all skill levels

  • Space is limited and it’s starting soon!

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